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How Did I Discover I Have Parasites?

Gut HealthHolly SteinComment

That's the question I've been getting TONS of messages about, and it's the first question people ask me when I tell them I have parasites.

So first.  After doing a LOT of reading (both holistic and western opinions), and joining forums and FB groups about parasites..for reals guys, it's consumed me.  And it turns out there are some varying opinions on parasites.  Some people believe that a lot of these parasites (specifically rope parasites) are just biofilm (an intestinal mucous caused by gut dysbiosis).  Dysbiosis is a microbial imbalance in the gut.  And some people believe they are parasites.  Ascaris is another that people debate.  People generally agree that Ascaris is a parasite, but many people disagree on photos of what is Ascaris and what is rope worm/biofilm.  I've sent a bunch of pictures to my the doctor I'll be working with and she said they are parasites.  And yes, I've taken pictures of them...1. I just don't seem to be that grossed out by it, and 2. I've been getting desperate for answers and wanted to be able to show pictures to get help identifying them.

Ok, so that's my super long disclaimer.  What I'm writing/will write/have written is always my own personal opinion/experience, and while I do feel that my opinions are pretty informed, always do your own research.

SO, back to how I found my first parasite.  I had read that parasites are super common and parasite cleansed twice last year, but not much came of it.  But to be honest, I was a little lackadaisical on the diet.  Parasites FEAST on sugar, so you need to eliminate sugar, alcohol, grains, and dairy for a few weeks at a time and I kind of just thought, "Oh I'm so healthy, I rarely eat those things, I'll be ok."  Well, I always ended up indulging a little more than I thought and I saw a few things here and there that I thought *could* be parasites but I wasn't sure.  And I never felt any different after so I was unsure.

Fast forward to January of this year when overnight my symptoms exploded overnight.  All of a sudden major bloat, fatigue, brain fog....and feeling super irrational, irritable and tense.  I knew something was wrong and I didn't know what to do.  I saw an Ayurvedic practitioner and confirmed that I have a vata imbalance (that's for another post), and was given a list of foods to eat/avoid.  Essentially I'm supposed to eat warm grounding foods and avoid cold/dry foods (things like smoothies and crackers). 

I also did a microbiome test through Viome which gives you almost every food divided into 4 categories. 1. Superfoods for your gut, 2. Enjoy as much as you'd like, 3. Minimize (only eat 1 serving of minimize foods per day), and 4. Avoid - aka do NOT eat these.  These suggestions are completely personalized to your gut and can change as you increase/decrease the health of your gut.

After realizing I was mainly eating "minimize" foods, I decided to do 30 days of my list of Superfoods/Enjoy foods that also fit into the Vata category.  And that list is honestly super minimal.  Since March 1st, I've pretty much been eating eggs, berries, carrots, zuchinnis, rudabegas, parsnips, some pasture raised beef/turkey, and white rice on occasion.  

After about a week on that diet (which as you can see is almost no sugar except for what is naturally occuring in the berries and veggies), I did a coffee enema.  Coffee enemas are great for detoxing because it stimulates the liver/bile duct.  I also found out it disrupts the biofilm that parasites surround themselves with to stay safely in their habitat.  After that enema I expelled a 12" long parasite.  Not joking.  The coffee enema plus completely starving them was a lethal combination.

I immediately started adding parasite cleansing herbs and protocols (for another post), and have been seeing them come out constantly.  Constantly. Tons. Lots Of Them.

So that's how I figured out how I have parasites... essentially starving them by eliminating sugar (even in natural forms), dairy, grains and alcohol...and then the coffee enema.