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Mimosa Pudica Seed For Parasite Cleansing

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I’ve parasite cleansed many times before, but never with the results that I’ve been having recently! I’ve been doing several things differently this time around, one of them being mimosa pudica seed. I initially heard Dr. Jay Davidson talking about it on a documentary series (The Gut Solution). I had just started parasite cleansing so I immediately ordered a bottle (thank you Amazon Prime 2-day delivery!) and I was soon adding it into my regimen. I am currently taking 2 capsules, 2 x day on an empty stomach, and I see worms EVERY SINGLE TIME I use the restroom right now. I am doing other things as well, which I will be sure to post about soon.

Here’s a little overview of mimosa pudica seed that I found from Dr. Jay and Microbe Formulas, but click on these two links below to see the full details of info! There’s also a video below with Dr. Jay talking about its benefits with parasite cleansing!

Dr. Jay and Parasite Cleansing // Microbe Formulas + Mimosa Pudica Seed

Here are just a few fun facts about mimosa pudica seed:

  • Originates with Ayurveda and is designed to help support the body’s natural functioning and healing by increasing your body’s strength and supporting natural healing functions*

  • Deep cleans your GI tract and allows for more health bacteria to populate*

  • Acts as a gut scrubber unwanted biofilms, build up, infections, heavy metals and other invaders*

  • Paralyzes parasites and forces them to fall away from intestine walls, which means they can be effectively flushed from your system**

  • Mimosa Pudica should be used for at least six months because it plays multiple parts in gut recovery. It binds toxins in the body AND repairs cell membranes. It also delivers positive nutrients to the blood and digestive system.**

  • Make sure you address any constipation issues so all the parasites and toxins you are releasing have a place to go!**

*taken from Microbes Formula website

**taken from Dr. Jay Davidson’s website