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My Current Parasite Cleansing Protocol

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A lot of people have been asking me the parasite cleansing protocol that I have been following! This is what I have been doing the last six weeks based on my own research. I have started working with Modern Holistic Health in Austin, TX and we will what sort of protocol they put me on based the results from my blood panel and Organic Acids Test. I also have results from Viome and uBiome that I purchased prior to working them, so that will give them even more info.

Mimosa Pudica Seed For Parasite Cleansing

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I’ve parasite cleansed many times before, but never with the results that I’ve been having recently! I’ve been doing several things differently this time around, one of them being mimosa pudica seed. I initially heard Dr. Jay Davidson talking about it on a documentary series (The Gut Solution). I had just started parasite cleansing so I immediately ordered a bottle (thank you Amazon Prime 2-day delivery!) and I was soon adding it into my regimen. I am currently taking 2 capsules, 2 x day on an empty stomach, and I see worms EVERY SINGLE TIME I use the restroom right now. I am doing other things as well, which I will be sure to post about soon.

Here’s a little overview of mimosa pudica seed that I found from Dr. Jay and Microbe Formulas, but click on these two links below to see the full details of info! There’s also a video below with Dr. Jay talking about its benefits with parasite cleansing!

Dr. Jay and Parasite Cleansing // Microbe Formulas + Mimosa Pudica Seed

Here are just a few fun facts about mimosa pudica seed:

  • Originates with Ayurveda and is designed to help support the body’s natural functioning and healing by increasing your body’s strength and supporting natural healing functions*

  • Deep cleans your GI tract and allows for more health bacteria to populate*

  • Acts as a gut scrubber unwanted biofilms, build up, infections, heavy metals and other invaders*

  • Paralyzes parasites and forces them to fall away from intestine walls, which means they can be effectively flushed from your system**

  • Mimosa Pudica should be used for at least six months because it plays multiple parts in gut recovery. It binds toxins in the body AND repairs cell membranes. It also delivers positive nutrients to the blood and digestive system.**

  • Make sure you address any constipation issues so all the parasites and toxins you are releasing have a place to go!**

*taken from Microbes Formula website

**taken from Dr. Jay Davidson’s website

How Do You Contract Parasites?

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So it turns out we’re all coming into contact with parasites all of the time.  Yes, even in the United States. While there are many cases of contracting parasites from a major food poisoning, or international travel, what is more common is just our day to day living.  We are all constantly coming into contact with parasites. If you interact with dogs, if you’ve eaten pork, if you’ve used a public restroom, grocery cart, etc. you’re in contact. Some can be transferred via sneeze or through walking barefoot.  What I’m saying is that they are everywhere and you are in contact.

However, we hope that we are healthy enough that they don’t become an issue.  A healthy gut, strong stomach acid, etc. determines how well these parasites will thrive after we’ve come into contact with them.  They do not thrive when are healthy and cleansing often. I learned that many other cultures regularly cleanse for parasites, including the Amish!  I also learned that back in the day (not exactly sure which day LOL), we used to cleanse all of our animals and ourselves for parasites seasonally. I imaging this practice started to die off as less and less of us were farming and working in the land and with animals.  

Here a long host of symptoms that parasites can cause…

Constipation, Diarrhea, Gas and Bloating, Painful Menstruation, IBS, Joint/Muscle Aches, Anemia, Cravings (especially sugar), Allergies, Skin Conditions like eczema, Sleep Disorders, Teeth Grinding, Chronic Fatigue, Brain Fog, Headaches, Acne, Weight Issues (Gain or Loss), Anxiety, Depression, and much more!

So if you have any of the above you may want to consider following along my journey and starting your own research!  However, one thing I will touch on soon is that it is very rare to have parasites without some sort of other gut infection.

Also, if you’d like to read more about parasites, Organic Olivia has a 2-part parasite blog post that is EXCELLENTLY written and super informative!  See below to read it!

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