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Food Hangover: The Damage is Done (Read time 2-3mins)

Eric SteinComment

Read Time: 2-3 mins

Holidays are here and the punishment has commenced.  We do it every year, so this isn’t exactly newsworthy.  The stuffing, pie, those devilishly delicious sugary drinks.  All of it now heading down the gut, spreading that holiday cheer.

The holiday cheer is different for everyone.  Bloating, headache, maybe some brain fog. For me, upon rising this morning, my face felt like a cat slept on it all night.  Puffy eyes, nose leaking, and probably 10-12 sneezes before I finished my coffee.  All to be expected though. I went heavy on gluten and a few other yummy treats I know I’m allergic to. The damage is done, now I’ll pay the piper for my sins. #foodhangover engaged.

But the real test is yet to come….

I open the fridge, and what’s staring back at me?  Those MF delicious treats from last night that caused my current pain.  They somehow made it home from the party. Sneaky bastards. And good Lord they’d pair perfectly with this hot cup of coffee.


My mind races.  

“I could totally have a couple bites, but that’s it I swear.  No more after that.”

Another sneeze.  Currently unable to breath through my nose.  Eyes watering.

“I’ll be fine.”  

I reach into the fridge, grab the pumpkin pie bites, and hold them in my hand.  Holly did an incredible job making them. Gluten and dairy free, organic ingredients, amazing really, but they have coconut flour, which I recently found out I’m allergic to.  A bit ironic after recommending it to everyone for years...but that’s another article.

I stare at the bag.  Another sneeze.


I proudly toss the bag back into the fridge.  Those pumpkin pie bites came out swinging, but a little duck and weave kept me unscathed.  

This reminded me of how my son chucked my phone on the ground the other day. Gave it a nice little scratch.  What did I do? Picked it up, brushed it off, and was grateful it still worked. I sure didn’t look at the scratch, get angry, then slam it back down to cause more damage.

That’d be silly, right?

Holidays are filled with phone scratches and cracked screens.  What really matters, where the game actually counts, are the moments when we pick up those bruised phones and decide what to do with them.  

One thing's sure, those tasty treats aren’t going down without a fight.

Good luck out there...and Happy Holidays!