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The Manhole 

Frank walks to work down the same street every day. On Monday, he fell thru an open manhole he didn’t see, was knocked unconscious, and woke up an hour later in the sewer. It’s gross, smelly, and he’s not happy about it. It took him an hour to finally find his way out. 

On Tuesday, the same thing happened. He fell thru a manhole and woke up in the sewer. “How did I get here again?!” Frank yells. It’s just a terrible as before. He searches and searches, and finds his way out a bit quicker than before. 

Wednesday, splash, sewer central again. When he comes to, he’s irate. “How the %^ $ am I in the sewer again?!?” Frank screams. He quickly finds his way out, vowing to never let this happen again. Then comes 

Thursday. While walking to work, minding his own business, Frank suddenly feels the need to stop walking. He finishes his last step, and right as his foot comes down, he sees the sneaky manhole he’s about to fall into. He never saw it before. But this time, he sees it, clear as day, right as it’s happening. SPLASH. Sewer. But this time he doesn’t get knocked out. This time he saw what happened, and this time and this time he will remember. He swears to it.

 It’s Friday, but something is different today. Frank’s confidence is high. As he walks, that sneaky manhole comes from nowhere, but this time he stops one step short. Boom. He learned his lesson. In the coming weeks and months he’ll end up in the sewer again; those things are sneaky. But before he knows it, the sewer is a thing of his past.

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